Accepting Commissions…

If anyone would like to have me work on a particular photographic assignment, please let me know via the Contact Form. So far, I have carried out a single assignment for a friend (portraits of their pet greyhound) which has been very well received (there’s no point in spouting a load of BS at this point, I’d only get found out).

Since my experience is low, so the prices are too – I’m pretty much doing this to build a portfolio. Heck, if the assignment is interesting enough I may even do it for nothing… or at least just for expenses.

Depending upon the subject matter, 35mm or medium-format would be used. A full contact sheet would be provided, and from that a number of 10×8 shots can be selected.

So, if you think you might like some photos taken (As is usual for me, this would be using black-and-white film), please ask away.