field memory recorder (1)

I’ve had the phrase field memory recorder running through my head ever since I saw an ebay item of the same name (it’s a solid-state field recorder from Fostex btw). Just that phrase conjures up sounds/images which I’ve been mulling over for a few months now.

Finally, over the last week or so, I’ve had a chance to make a start on the project (including writing various sound-mangling processes within Reaktor 5), and now here’s the first track under that pseudonym.

I made a video utilising some footage I found on my hard drive of the old sugar beet factory in York (long since disappeared) which you can see on the youtube clip above.


back in the saddle…

Back in 2015, I embarked on a (possibly misjudged) project: produce a piece of music (aka organised sound) every day for a year. That’s 365 new pieces of sound in a year.

It felt like a good idea on January 1st, but it became more of a burden as the year progressed. Some days were easy, some not so easy, but I got to the end of the year having produced over 40 hours of organised sound in 2015…

Flatteringly, Radio Free Midwich declared it their album of 2015 and, as a prize, I got to have the sole 2016 release on the legendary Fencing Flatworm Recordings. My response was One Year; Two Days a four-track EP which was produced over the period of two days. It’s available for purchase and download on bandcamp and I also made a video for the lead track:


Not that you can really tell, but the site has now switched hosting providers. The new host offers ‘unlimited’ storage, so I’m hoping to get a bit more music up here soon.

It’s been a long time…

After a long (long, long) while I’ve started doing a bit of music again. Initially re-inspired by Robert Hayler (over at Radio Free Midwich), I’m almost up and running again.

Anyway, two tracks over at SoundCloud:

  • Laid Waste the first ‘new’ track – overdubbed guitars and synth textures;
  • Bass/exp something long and rambling (20 minutes) – completely live, created using a bass guitar, drum machines and a little something I knocked up in Reaktor


Getting rid of stuff…

Back in 1985, I graduated from buying comics to buying music papers such as the NME. Being someone who (seemingly) can’t throw anything away, I gradually accumulated quite a pile of them until – in 1993 or so – I moved on again (this time to ‘The Wire’ magazine).

Some years ago, my parents moved house and asked me to collect together my stuff since they didn’t want to store it in their new house; fair enough. Of course, in all of that stuff was my collection of NMEs, Melody Makers, and Sounds.

Now the time has come, and I need the space. Several large boxes of papers – which I doubt I will ever look at again – need to go somewhere. I am very reluctant to simply throw them in the recycling (besides which the collectors would probably get hernias), but it seems that nobody actually wants to give me any money for them (I personally believe that they have a value, but perhaps I’m looking through rose-tinted specs).


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