Canon Dial 35 (part 1)

Quite a few years back now, I first saw a Canon Dial 35 camera, and was struck by the look of the thing — as an object I think it’s pretty nice to look at — however it seemed that they were always out of my reach price-wise (not literally, but they always seemed a bit expensive).

ebay image #1

Recently I happened upon a spares-or-repairs Dial with a buy-it-now price which seemed pretty reasonable, so I bought it. The camera had not been film tested, it had a dent in the back, and the rubber trim was coming adrift. But still, I thought I’d take a chance that actually it did work, but that the owner just couldn’t test it. Maybe I’d get lucky?

ebay image #2

Unfortunately, when it arrived, the shutter didn’t work, and also the bright lines image through the viewfinder was a bit wonky… Still, never mind — I have a new project (and in person, the camera is quite a thing to behold).