Getting rid of The Past…

As mentioned in a previous blog entry, I used to get the NME every week, along with Melody Maker or Sounds, or any number of other music papers. Now, being someone who keeps hold of things for more than just the week of release, I now have boxes and boxes of old music magazines/papers.

And it’s time to get rid of them (I think).

But where? They don’t sell on eBay, and there don’t seem to be outlets for this kind of stuff as there are for comics (which I also have some piles of).

I suppose that I should just face up to the fact that I have lots of stuff that no-one else wants or needs, and that taking them all to the tip would be by far the easiest thing to do. But I feel that there must be some value there – and it would be nice to get some cold, hard cash…?

Any ideas would be gratefully received – either by commenting here, or via the Contact page.