What is it with ‘Other People’?

Sometimes I wonder what goes on in the heads of people, and wonder whether there should be some credo like Google’s “Don’t be Evil” for the general public.

Something like “Don’t be a C***” would probably do.

A case in point: Me and the family went off cycling into town on Saturday using the cycle path which runs along the river. On several occasions, there were groups of people walking along the path. No problem you may think, well they were spread four-abreast and blocking the entire path. Ringing of bells had no effect, and so we were forced to bump up onto the grass (managing to collect some dogsh** in the process, but that’s another RANT) to move around these mobile roadblocks.

A little while later, there’s a group of about 8-10 people just standing around yacking, similarly spread all over the cycle/footpath. Ringing of bells at least gets some response (i.e. they look up), but they don’t actually move. They just stand there, presumably wondering what we’re going to do. Well, my daughter and me manage to pick a path through them (muttering), whilst my wife and son have to get off (my son is only 5 and is not as good at manoeuvring his bike as the rest of us).

Also, cycling through town – parts of it are fully pedestrianised between 10AM and 4PM, but outside of these hours, STUPID BLOODY PEOPLE still insist on walking in the road. DESPITE there being cars and lorries on the road, I (as a cyclist) still get verbal abuse for riding my bike in the road.

Like I said at the start: People: Don’t be C***s