It’s been a long time…

After a long (long, long) while I’ve started doing a bit of music again. Initially re-inspired by Robert Hayler (over at Radio Free Midwich), I’m almost up and running again.

Anyway, two tracks over at SoundCloud:

  • Laid Waste the first ‘new’ track – overdubbed guitars and synth textures;
  • Bass/exp something long and rambling (20 minutes) – completely live, created using a bass guitar, drum machines and a little something I knocked up in Reaktor


Getting rid of stuff…

Back in 1985, I graduated from buying comics to buying music papers such as the NME. Being someone who (seemingly) can’t throw anything away, I gradually accumulated quite a pile of them until – in 1993 or so – I moved on again (this time to ‘The Wire’ magazine).

Some years ago, my parents moved house and asked me to collect together my stuff since they didn’t want to store it in their new house; fair enough. Of course, in all of that stuff was my collection of NMEs, Melody Makers, and Sounds.

Now the time has come, and I need the space. Several large boxes of papers – which I doubt I will ever look at again – need to go somewhere. I am very reluctant to simply throw them in the recycling (besides which the collectors would probably get hernias), but it seems that nobody actually wants to give me any money for them (I personally believe that they have a value, but perhaps I’m looking through rose-tinted specs).


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Or contact me through the website…!


Sorry to anyone who tried to view this site (or email me) between July 1st and 3rd – I had missed the email telling me my hosting account had expired. It’s fixed now (well, I can post this at least).

Sorry for the inconvenience! Please resend any emails – they will have bounced.

Goodbye Kodachrome. So badly reported!

Monday saw a press release from Kodak announcing that the iconic Kodachrome film is to be discontinued.

Ok, it’s a sad announcement (some people swear by its colour reproduction and its archival qualities), but I take umbrage at the way in which it has been reported!

If you watch the TV reports or read the news articles, the death of Kodachrome has almost universally been attributed to ‘the increase of digital photography’. This is not so.

There are still film products available – heck, even Kodak are introducing new stocks – and film photography seems to be making something of a resurgence in recent times. The reason that Kodachrome is being discontinued must surely be because of its archaic processing requirements.

Since the introduction of Kodachrome, other colour processes have come along (and in some cases disappeared again), which offer simpler processing – E6 processing (the standard slide-film process) can even be done at home. With only one plant in the world still processing Kodachrome (Dwaynes in the US), it was surely only a matter of time before this announcement took place.


  • Digital did not kill Kodachrome;
  • Other film is still available – colour and B&W;
  • Film cameras are still being made;

This is not the end of film photography…

Holy crap. I swear the clocks just struck thirteen…

I refer you, dear reader, to these abominations. I am, quite simply, speechless with rage and anger. This is several steps up from their previous scare campaign.

This is ridiculous. I feel like the entire UK is being run by the f***ing Stasi. When’s the wall being built?

Are they trying to provoke a civil war?

“It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen”
Opening line of 1984, by George Orwell.

It’s gig time again…

Craig and I were chatting on new year’s eve, bemoaning the fact that we haven’t felt particularly musically-creative of late. So we decided that we’d do something together. I felt that a more loose, improvised thing would be good to do (in the past, my live performances have always had a certain improvised nature to them – tracks are broken down into their component parts, fed into some sort of sequencer and then ‘mashed up’ live).

So anyway, after two rehearsals (which ended up being pretty different in their musical output), we have our first gig.

March 14th, 9pm -> 10pm Thomas’s Bar (near York Library). We have a slot at BoomChik, a regular night put on by some friends of ours.

Excellent. Let’s see what happens ‘eh?

Cartel-forced censorship won’t be accepted here…

Just in case my ISP decides to bow to IFPI pressure and censor the internet, rest assured that they will find me an ex-customer PDQ. I would urge each and everyone to do the same…