My sense of timing is, as ever,

… perfect.

Just days before Polaroid announced they were shutting down production of their eponymous instant-film, I bid on ebay for a Polaroid film back (so I can use instant film with my LF camera). I have been chasing various 545 film backs (taking Polaroid ‘Type 5x’ sheet film) but they always went up to silly prices (and the film isn’t cheap either). I therefore started looking at the 405 back. It takes a smaller image – 3.25 x 4.25 inches (in a pack of 10 pictures) – but it will allow me the instant feedback on my pictures that I desire.

So, between bidding and winning the 405 back (hooray!), Polaroid made their announcement. Which probably helped me win it actually (for about a tenner less than others had gone for). Fortunately, the 405 back takes ‘pack’ film – and you can get this from the saviours of film (or so it would seem) FujiFilm.

fp100c-1There are minor hurdles in that my MPP doesn’t have quite the right sort of a back to mount the Polaroid holder securely (but it’s good enough for now), but this evening (drum roll please) I took my first ever ‘polaroid’.
Not bad for a first attempt even if I do say so myself… using flash as well, which is a bit of a departure…

Anyway. Instant film is FANTASTIC. I’ve only taken one picture, but blimey – try it NOW… get a camera, and get some film while you still can!

Better LF

repeatI know that this is getting a little repetitive, but I am still enjoying the whole Large-Format-Photography experience – this is my favourite recent pic, this time scanned from a contact-print, so it has a bit more punch. Unfortunately my jpeg-editing has darkened it a little too much, but hey – the web isn’t a medium for high art!


I was going for a Chandler-esque (Polly, not Raymond) view here – plenty of movements – didn’t make notes I’m afraid)

MPP (1/50 @ f4.5),
Fomapan 100,
Rodinal 1+50, 6’30”
Contact-printed onto Ilford MG IV RC paper