Totally Retro…

My creative side has been gradually becoming more and more bipolar:

On one side, I love new technology – whether it be digital video captured from a camcorder; pure computer graphics created in Blender/Quartz Composer; or simply digital stills caught from my PowerShot; or on the audio side perhaps some new softsynths or plugin effects running within Logic.

On the other side, is the retro – I’ve owned a bunch of analogue/vintage synthesisers and drum machines for ages, and I still occasionally pick up my guitar; however the latest retro-fad I’ve been looking at is visual; super8 filming and 35mm still photography.

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  1. Hi John,

    Hows things? I’m *very* disappointed you’ve moved away from the music…..

    Kind regards


    E-mail me and we should have a chat.

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