Vector Lovers in York

Still life with speak and spellJuly 7th sees the return of Vector Lovers (aka Martin Wheeler) to York for his first gig in his old home town for a long while (details at the freakin’ website here).

Martin’s asked me to do some visuals for his performance – which’ll be my first new club visuals since the showcase at 2006’s Latitude Festival. Previously (due to lack of mobile computing equipment), I’ve taken a very offline approach to visuals, preferring to render anything from 30 minutes to around 2 hours of video, film, graphics and text onto a DVD, and then simply having that run for the duration of the night.

This time it’s going to be different.

Having had my MacBook for just over a year now, I reckon it’s about time that I do something a bit more live – and hence I’ll be heading out on Saturday night with a Quartz Composer (QC) application which will allow me to freely mix, match, and process video clips, motion graphics and still images in response to the night’s entertainment. Using a proper live setup means that I can also have images which react to the music being played (i.e. I knocked up a quick spectrum analyser patch). QC has the nice feature of allowing MIDI input to be used as a control source, so I can use my Kenton Control Freak to mix up the images as well…

So anyway – it’s going to be interesting, if you read this and make it down on Saturday, come over and say ‘hi’.