A small list of my current objects of desire…

I’ve started selling up some of my accumulated clutter in order to buy some stuff I actually want. My list (currently) is:

  1. Fender Jazzmaster guitar
  2. Ebow
  3. Some form of digital SLR
  4. A decent photo printer (A3+)

Of course, this is all going to take some time, and may require the shedding of a lot of stuff…

So far, I have sold a bunch of old BBC Magazines; next up is one of my BBC micros (c. £50), (probably) my Marlin Sidewinder Guitar (c.£35), and a whole load of NMEs etc.

eBay here I come 🙂 (again)

Virgin Media’s ‘Catch-Up TV’ (Video on demand service)

At home, I have Virgin Media’s cable TV service (ex NTL) and recently (well, earlier this year) they rolled out a nifty ‘video on demand’ (VOD) service. One cool thing is the ‘catch-up TV’ service, where selected programs are available for 7 days after their broadcast. This has been useful on a number of occasions when we’ve missed a program and can then watch it later.

Anyway… There’s this new series on BBC4, “The Genius of Photography” which is on Thursdays at 9pm, and repeated on Mondays at 8pm. I missed the original run on Thursday due to being out for dinner, and I *know* I’m going to miss tonight’s repeat because it’s my photography evening class. However, there is no way of finding out whether the programme is going to be on Catch-up TV until *after* the show has aired!! So, I have had to dust off the VCR instead. Just in Case I cannot see the program via cable.

I have emailed Virgin and the BBC asking whether it is possible to find out the ‘on demand’ schedule before the program airs, but Virgin just referred me to the ‘What’s On Demand’ page on their website, and the BBC have so far failed to reply…


Accepting Commissions…

If anyone would like to have me work on a particular photographic assignment, please let me know via the Contact Form. So far, I have carried out a single assignment for a friend (portraits of their pet greyhound) which has been very well received (there’s no point in spouting a load of BS at this point, I’d only get found out).

Since my experience is low, so the prices are too – I’m pretty much doing this to build a portfolio. Heck, if the assignment is interesting enough I may even do it for nothing… or at least just for expenses.

Depending upon the subject matter, 35mm or medium-format would be used. A full contact sheet would be provided, and from that a number of 10×8 shots can be selected.

So, if you think you might like some photos taken (As is usual for me, this would be using black-and-white film), please ask away.