field memory recorder (1)

I’ve had the phrase field memory recorder running through my head ever since I saw an ebay item of the same name (it’s a solid-state field recorder from Fostex btw). Just that phrase conjures up sounds/images which I’ve been mulling over for a few months now.

Finally, over the last week or so, I’ve had a chance to make a start on the project (including writing various sound-mangling processes within Reaktor 5), and now here’s the first track under that pseudonym.

I made a video utilising some footage I found on my hard drive of the old sugar beet factory in York (long since disappeared) which you can see on the youtube clip above.


back in the saddle…

Back in 2015, I embarked on a (possibly misjudged) project: produce a piece of music (aka organised sound) every day for a year. That’s 365 new pieces of sound in a year.

It felt like a good idea on January 1st, but it became more of a burden as the year progressed. Some days were easy, some not so easy, but I got to the end of the year having produced over 40 hours of organised sound in 2015…

Flatteringly, Radio Free Midwich declared it their album of 2015 and, as a prize, I got to have the sole 2016 release on the legendary Fencing Flatworm Recordings. My response was One Year; Two Days a four-track EP which was produced over the period of two days. It’s available for purchase and download on bandcamp and I also made a video for the lead track:

Work In Progress (2)

Well, it’s been a while since I posted here, but we finished the music video for Sand a couple of months ago. Both Mark and I have done an edit, and the band seem to like the look so far.

The track is called The Dalston Shroud and coincidentally is the title track for the new Sand album out in July…

Big thanks go out to everyone involved! Let’s get some more done!!

Work In Progress

We are currently in the process of creating a music video for a track on the forthcoming (as yet untitled) Sand LP. We did the filming (yes, filming – not video! ** ) over the weekend of 24th/25th September, and sent the film over to Berlin to be processed. From Berlin, the processed film went to Uppsala for transfer to computer-file – the DVD of the transfer will then be sent back to us here (along with the film of course).

I have just had news from the guy doing the transfer that it is now all done, and it will be sent to us very soon. The footage was a bit dark (but I suspected that would be the case) – he also correctly guessed that we were “after a ‘dark and scary’ kinda image anyway, not a ‘bright and happy’ one,” right ;).

So, all that remains now is to put the final creation together once we receive the footage. It’s going to be great 🙂

[** We filmed using Super8 Kodak Tri-X. Camera was a Canon 814E]

I can highly recommend the following services:
Andec film processing in Berlin, and
Uppsala BildTeknik for the transfer.