I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for the EDP Wasp since it was the first synthesiser I ever played around with (my secondary school had one, along with a Yamaha CS-5 maybe?). I’m also an owner of an OSC OSCar, and a Novation Circuit so I am interested in the lineage since they all share a common designer/consultant: Chris Huggett).

Whilst at Leeds Modular Meet in August, I saw a clone of the EDP Wasp synthesiser that had been built by one of the exhibitors. It turned out to be from a partial kit (see jaspersynth), so I emailed the creator immediately after I got home. Fortunately, Jason was just about to start another production run of the PCB set, so I put my name down.

The kit arrived with me last Tuesday and contains a front panel, a main PCB (with touch-keyboard) and the more difficult-to-find components, leaving the job of sourcing the remaining parts to the intrepid builder; since there is no single supplier, I’ve just placed orders with Farnell, RS, Rapid and Musikding. Unsurprisingly I’m looking forward to putting it all together. Hopefully I’ll be able to document some of the construction process…