Cameras pt.2

So. The Ixus. Fantastic, so I got another one – and so far it hasn’t been stolen. Unfortunately, the APS film format now seems to be dying out – it never did kill off 35mm with it’s user-convenience being outweighed by the smaller negative and more costly processing.

Of course 35mm (the 135 format) didn’t kill off roll film – 120 film, with its 6cm square negatives is still very much alive and kicking about 100 years after its introduction. Reckon we’ll still be using Compact Flash in 2094?

So after a few years, digital inevitably reared its head, and in 2003 we bought a Canon Powershot A40, which is still my only digital camera (I don’t count the camera in the phone). The A40 was rather liberating in that it allowed us to take hundreds of pictures without a care for the cost of processing – however what that actually meant was that we hardly printed any pictures at all!

Then there was video. I had an idea that I could start making music videos (and I have done – see elsewhere on the site), so I bought a Canon MVX250i. It does widescreen, has firewire, and can take half-decent stills (and has a monster optical zoom too).

And video prompted Super8 (I know, but I was looking for a different angle for shooting movies) and only 3 minutes and 30 seconds of film – not reusable like video of course.

This was actually liberating – rather than videoing everything, Super8 meant that I was selective – which is much easier to deal with in post-production! And after shooting movies on film, it seemed logical to go back to taking stills on film too, and a local freecycler provided me with two Yashica SLR Bodies (an FX-3 and an FX-D), along with 5 lenses. The light seals and body-covering were shot, but ebay provides, and soon I had two perfectly functioning cameras (the FX-3 can even do without batteries).

Since then I’ve acquired more cameras (including some medium-format cameras using the above-mentioned 120 roll film – very nice results) and basically home-processed a load of black and white films and prints. I guess I’ve come a long way since the instamatic…