I probably have too many cameras. There, I’ve said it. I cannot possibly use all of them all of the time, but I do use all of them some of the time.

I have been wondering about getting a digital SLR, since it would give me more scope for experimentation (at least the feedback loop is much shorter), but have simultaneously been feeling the pull of yet another film format – this time large format (LF). LF cameras use sheet film rather than roll film, generally have a negative bigger than 6cm x 9cm, and offer all sorts of exciting movements, where the relative positions of lens and film can be moved around.

Last Sunday, the large-format pull won. I picked up a Mark VI MPP Micro-Technical camera from the Boston Spa camera fair. The price was good, but there are some caveats: There was no ground-glass screen, the shutter was erratic and the cosmetic condition left something to be desired. However, this is a complete camera and has set me back about half what I was expecting (looking at ebay etc.).

The digital SLR will have to wait…

However, as I said at the top – I have too many cameras. I managed to offload one of my cameras to the guy who I bought the MPP from, but he wouldn’t take two of the others I had with me. Still, that retained equilibrium in the camera count.

Until Wednesday, when my local camera club had an auction to raise funds for the club… The idea being that people bring in their unwanted photo gear and auction it – all proceeds going to the club funds. I spent a whopping ¬£11 and picked up 11 rolls of 120 film, an unopened pack of 12×16″ black and white photo paper, various darkroom odds and ends, and…. another camera. A Yashica-Mat TLR from around 1960. Perfect condition, and only a fiver.

I really must stop buying these things!